planning this attack

I saw you coming, but you still snuck
up on me,
bringing more strength, brutal force
than I anticipated,
than I could prepare for.
You must have been planning this attack
for weeks,
just when I thought you were gone
you not-so-kindly reminded me
that you’re still here,
you’re never going away
and you will certainly be back.

That’s how you like it, isn’t it?
To study, stalk and unleash on your prey,
when I least expect,
when I am least prepared.

your destructive methods require some fine-tuning,
for each time I get stronger,
better, more attune to you.
You won’t have the upper hand forever.


eyes and heart open

You may find it in the
least expected of places;
what you want,
what you’re looking for,
if you can only keep your
eyes and heart

Flickering flames of light

Flickering flames of light
illuminate the air and objects around them,
dancing to a song only they can hear
with thin ribbons of smoke trailing up
from their outstretched arms
and dissipating into nothingness.
I wonder what song they’re dancing to
and how they can perform in both
syncronisity and individuality.

My eyes plead me not to attempt at
watching them all;
focus on one only –
I see a flame that dances by itself
but also
joins in with the others,
and another does the same.

I wonder if I can be like that, too.

in your favorite cup

Love me hard but love me gently.
Love my darkness, richness and warmth
as I travel from your mouth
down to esophagus and stomach,
disseminating to warm and comfort
your entire body.
As I rest here, staring out the window
in your favorite cup
painting steam gently on the window,
I know you’re thinking about me,
and I am so grateful
to bring you such joy
on this foggy fall morning.

wonder often

Wander far and
wonder often.
Soar above and through the boundaries
separating you
from the other side
where you want to be,
where you are meant to be,
where you will find
the path leading through the winding
trees and valleys
of your soul, to your heart
and until you find it
wonder often
and wander far
through and through.

may we find humility

It looks barren, stripped, hard,
the world outside living in autumn.
Leaves have left the trees
green evaporating from the grass
warmth rescinding from the ground.
I feel you, world,
but join me in embracing this change,
the nakedness, the exposure,
for if we find ourselves stripped bare
and left for everyone to see and judge
may we find power
may we find humility
may we find courage
to trudge on, and on,
paving the path for transformation to happen around us,